How can Delco SEO help with Search Engine Optimization?

Delco SEO will never promise you rankings on page 1 of Google right away. Many companies who offer this use tricks and blackhat techniques which give your site a boost temporarily but end up hurting your site in the long run through penalization and manual actions. In addition, once you move away from these companies, they will close down some of the additional sites and strategies that were implemented and your rankings will decrease significantly.

We will build a proper strategy the correct way by identify phrases (long and short) and keywords that your target audience will be searching for. This can be done through various advanced tools and the results can be tracked in order to analyze the results. All of our techniques will stay with your company as we increase your rankings through natural backlinks, content creation and various elements on your website.


Search Engine Optimization in Google search

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a method of digital marketing that drives traffic to a specific website through the use of ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and more.  There are 100s of factors that go into the ranking of websites and onsite and offsite techniques which can be implemented to improve your ranking. Potential clients are searching more online now than ever.  According to, Over 93% of web traffic comes from the search engines. Google leads the way tapping in at over 75% and two trillion searches a year. Half of searches are now done through voice.

What are the benefits?

There are more and more websites coming online everyday which means there is more competition to stay ahead of.  Having your site rank for keywords organically (without paying per click) will drive traffic to your business without having to spend additional money. Targeting the right audience with the correct keywords will lead to a better user experience and increase conversions. Overall SEO will lead to an increased brand awareness and give your business a strong and reputable online presence.

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