Locating The Right SEO Marketing Consultant For Your Needs

Finding the right SEO marekting consultant can seem like an overwhelming task but it does not have to be. There are many ways that a search engine optimization expert can help your business. There are also many benefits that will often pay for itself if you pick the right partner. Here are a few things to look out for if you are thinking about hiring an SEO professional.

1. Promise of First Page Rankings

A search engine optimization specialist should not promise you rankings on page 1 of Google for specific keywords initially. They should rather be asking you questions about your business. Learning about your client base and targeting keywords your users will be searching for. You want to rank for the right keywords with the right target audience. Otherwise, you will be getting a lot of traffic but no conversions. In other words, the wrong traffic! As a result, users will be bouncing or exiting from your website therefore lowering your search engine ranking. Google will view your site as non helpful resource. Providing the right content with the proper keywords will encourage users to spend more time on your site. And navigate through the site as you provide a solution to the problem they are looking to resolve. Think about it, the more conversions the more Google says, “I’m going to show this page to more users because they are finding it useful. See Google helpfulness update which was just released recently.

2. Holistic Approach to Ranking Within Google

Often time SEO consultants have one approach to ranking within the search engines. This could include create a bunch of backlinks to your site. That is, sites which have a link to your website. They might have your site listed on a bunch of local directories to increase local brand awareness. Some even will create pages for specific users who might be interested in the services your business provides. The truth is you want to hire an SEO strategist who includes all of the above. An overall strategy with all resources working together. This includes writing content, social media, backlinking, interlinking, local SEO, on-page web updates, and more. Google has hundreds of ranking factors what requires an effort to address keywords and phrases in a variety of ways. Make sure your consultant you are thinking of hiring has all of these in mind.

3. Reporting The Results

Be sure to have a conversation up front about what is expected from your potential partner. What are the goals? What would be considered a success? How are you going to achieve that success? And how is it going to be measured? Then come up with KPIs (key performance indicators) which are markers to see if what is being done is working. A viable SEO strategy should have clear goals and they should be measurable and attainable. Tracking the results helps adjust the strategy if needed and helps make a determination on what marketing channels to use in the future. As an overall rule, no marketing strategy should be put in place without identifying the goals and having a way to measure the success. You need data to make informed decisions. If your SEO partner is not providing this, they are trying to hide something. Delco SEO has years of experience helping businesses rank for the right keywords with the right audience. We take many factors into consideration when coming up with an SEO strategy. We also utilize a holistic approach and make sure the goals your business is first. All while keeping communication open and providing measuring results which help your company grow organically. Contact us and see how we can make a difference as your specialized SEO marketing consultant!  

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Sal Graci Owner and SEO expert at Delco SEO

Sal Graci has over 20 years experience helping companies grow their business through SEO. He has worked for agencies, had his own agency and continues to act as a SEO consultant for many businesses in the Delaware County, PA area. He also has published many articles on search engine optimization and is considered an expert in the field.