Variety Marketing

Variety Marketing is an effective marketing strategy.  And effective marketing strategies are diverse.  In other words, done in a variety of manners.  They are designed to reach potential clients on a variety of different levels.  When it comes to effective marketing, there is not a one size fits all.   Identify your goals and what you are trying to market.  And understand your audience.  Utilizing a variety of effective strategies will reach this audience.  And grow clients at the same time.  Below are some basic marketing concepts which grows business.

Marketing Assessment

Effective marketing begins with assessment.  Review the current marketing plan.  This is an essential component.  Do not disrupt what is working.  There is no need to create duplicate work.  Or content which already in place.  With web development this leads to SEO related issues.  Duplicate content can lower a website ranking within Google.  Another example is email marketing.  Ensure your email marketing content is providing value to the readers.  For example, you would not send emails about new homes to someone who just settled on a property.

Identify what is working through analytics and what is not.  For websites, determine which pages are getting the most visits.  In addition to the highest average time on page.  Identify those which are not getting visits.  And determine why and what improvements can be made.  Ensure that the page provides value to the users.   Review and update the content if needed.  Another good example would be a property listing.  Ensure that the images are optimized and updated.  And verify the content is selling the best features of the home.

Develop A Marketing Plan

The next step in the variety marketing process is developing a marketing plan.  Utilize the data collected in the marketing assessment.  Identify the specific areas that need to be focused on.  Come up with a strategy to improve the conversion rate.  And ensure there is coding configured to track the conversion rate.  Next, determine the target conversion rate goal.  And identify the strategies which will be taken to get there.  In addition, set the time frame for that strategies to be implemented.  This ensures the project moves forward.  And that achievable short term goals are met.

Identify The Digital Marketing Tool

There are a lot of digital marketing tools available.  These include newsletters and email marketing.  In addition to pay per click campaigns.  Determine through analytics your customer demographics.  In other words the age group and location.  And the tools they are using to access the real estate information.  In addition to the medium they are using (Google, Bing, etc.)  For example, you are targeting millennials.   Their mobile phone usage is very high.  They search and click directly from their phone.  A good idea would be to create a mobile pay per click campaign.  And specifically gear it to mobile searches.  Also, create a custom landing page with the ad on your website.  In addition, ensure it is mobile friendly.  Remember mobile search engines are now different than desktop searches.  This is because of AMP (accelerated mobile pages).  But that is a whole different blog post 🙂

Evaluate The Results

Evaluation is critical.  Always look to improve results.  And keep developing what is working.  This invites opportunity and open doors.  Many which you may not have realized.  Be prepared to be diverse.  And provide a variety of options.  Hence the term variety marketing!

If you find that you want to give it a try, schedule a consultation and let us come up with a strategy that fit your company’s specific goals and needs.

* This post is purposely general.  As a result, you will not find all of our marketing secrets.  Feel free to leave a comment.  And contact us directly with any questions.

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