With so many SEO companies out there, it can be difficult to find one that stands out. It is a very highly competitive market of SEO consultants, agencies, freelancers and companies all trying to become your partner. In addition to promising you the highest rankings and page one results for the best price. Some are overseas and some are local. When making a decision and choosing an SEO expert, learn about the company and what makes them different than all the rest. What do they offer that no other partner can that would make them the best choice for your marketing needs. Here is our story and what makes us stand out!

Diversity and Experience

I started Delco SEO with a variety of experience and a heavy technology and digital marketing background. I have been in the industry for over 20 years. Being in the IT field, I provided IT support for local business and companies. When the internet started getting really hot, I decided to move towards designing websites. Once everyone had websites then I had to make sure they ranked in the search engines and were seen. This is where the SEO gears started to turn. Working for a promotional products company, they had hundreds of products that had to be marketed. This was my first experience with eCommerce SEO and overall marketing strategy & implementation. Eventually I moved to a B2C company as the Digital Marketing Manager where my responsibilities included SEO, web design & development, email marketing, paid advertising, content writing and more. From there I joined a digital marketing agency where I led the web, SEO and paid ads team. These experiences helped me not only learn a lot about business, but life lessons as well.

Delco SEO notebook with this is our story written in cursive

What I Learned and Makes Delco SEO Different

The main thing I learned is that in digital marketing and SEO, there is not a one-size fits all approach. Taking the time to learn about a business and asking the right questions makes all the difference in applying a marketing strategy that ultimately becomes successful. That is why the first thing we do at Delco SEO is take the time to do a discovery call and ensure we understand the audience, goals, and needs of the client. We listen and gather information prior to putting campaign strategies and recommendations together.

The second lesson learned is that there is a big difference between ranking for keywords, and ranking for the right keywords with the right audience. Many times marketers simply pick keywords that have the greatest monthly search volume. What we do is actually use data. Google Search Console provides great information in terms of how visitors found a website and the search terms utilized. In addition, we use Google trends, keyword planner and other tools like SEMRush to determine which keywords and phrases are being asked and are trending. Just because a word or phrase has a lower search volume does not mean it should not be used. Sometimes lower search volume words and phrases convert at a higher rate because it hits the right audience.

Lastly, we do not try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Many times SEO companies and agencies create a process for every client. Then simply puts them through a checklist of tasks that are completed. We complete a site audit, learn about what strategies are in place already, learn what is working and not working. Then, create a timeline with targeted goals, KPIs and performance indicators so we see the impact of our efforts and share them with you. Everything in marketing should be measured by the analytics. If not, it should not be done!

What To Expect From Delco SEO

You can expect to be treated like you are our only client. We communicate clearly, are transparent, and want to ensure you are completely happy with us. We much rather have a happy client than a few extra dollars, because ultimately a referral is the biggest compliment you can give us.

Keep in mind, onboarding one or two clients per month typically will pay for the SEO itself. Be patient however, as it does take about 3 months realistically to start seeing the results and impact as Google needs to crawl your site. Think of how many sites out there it has to crawl!

In the end, Delco SEO will be a great SEO partner for your business because of customized strategies, transparency, ranking for the right keyword with the right audience, and analytical based testing and decision making. These are our core values and what makes us stand out from the competitors. Let us know what you think. Click the talk with us button and share your thoughts. We would love to hear your story!

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Sal Graci Owner and SEO expert at Delco SEO

Sal Graci has over 20 years experience helping companies grow their business through SEO. He has worked for agencies, had his own agency and continues to act as a SEO consultant for many businesses in the Delaware County, PA area. He also has published many articles on search engine optimization and is considered an expert in the field.