How can Delco SEO help me with Search Engine Marketing?

Delco SEO is proud to offer companies in the Philadelphia, PA search engine marketing services. These include social media advertising, contextual advertising, Google and Bing Pay Per Click Advertising.

We take the time to learn about your business, target audience and goals. Review who has converted into customers and how they have converted. Then design or enhance the strategy that will work best for your company. The number one challenge we hear from most companies is that their business is not able to gain new customers. We prefer to say that their marketing may not be setup to reach the correct customers. That is where we come in and make sure we have the best possible strategy in place for your needs to drive traffic and create lifelong customers.


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So what is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM is the a form of website promotion through the use of pay per click advertising. This form of advertising is often utilized the most wit h new business who need time to build and rank their new website through the organic search results. Search engine marketing is also used to fill in the gaps of keywords that a website may not yet be ranking for in the search engines. It is a quick way to gain visibility and get in front of potential clients. It can also be expensive and produce minimal results if it not done in the correct way.

What are the benefits to SEM?

There are some benefits to search engine marketing when done in correct way. These include reaching your clients quickly as these advertisements show at the top of the search results. Increased brand awareness by identify the company name in the header of the ad. Target only those areas that your company operates and those users that are most likely to convert by age, gender and even interest. You can even schedule them for a specific time during the day. You pay only when your ad is clicked. However, the more the ad is clicked the better your ad score which can decrease the cost per click. There is great tracking and reporting and you can tweak your ads very easily to increase performance.

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